Sad old critters

Surgery went well. You can see Blender’s drainage tube in the shot above, and three incisions below it, all stapled up. They removed three tumors, which they kept for me to see. Two were fatty masses. They looked like glistening, bulbous little clumps of pork fat. The third was like something from a horror movie. The vet had cut into it and the inside was black and putrid, rotten. “That’s usually what the cancerous ones look like,” she said. Hard to know what will happen next. There are basically two kinds of dog cancers: ones that are “locally aggressive” and consume flesh around them, and ones that are systemically aggressive.

Blender’s tumor hadn’t done much in its time inside him, so the vet thought it unlikely that he had a systemic problem. Time (or an expensive oncology visit) will tell. The fact is that at 10 or so years old, we won’t spend the money to put him through chemo if the problem is widespread

Miss Boo’s tumor wasn’t scary at all. Fatty like the other two of Blender’s, and the skin was easy to sew up (a worry considering how thin it is on the toe.) Nerdy old Boo has to wear a little plastic bag boot over her bandage, so she makes a little slapping sound when she walks. Our resident clubfoot. She was still pretty spooked by the anesthetic, all wide eyed and wandering around aimlessly.
Sleeping it off until tomorrow, when he will awake ravenous and wondering why he missed breakfast AND dinner today.