2011 High Mountain Fun Fest

imageWe forgot food. We forgot a wallet. I forgot to put sunscreen on. When we got back to the car we were ravenous and I had a D-shaped tan on my forehead from wearing my baseball cap backwards all day. whatever. So worth it. After 10+ years we can still walk together for eight hours in the mountains, discover new things about each other, and laugh our asses off. I love my wife.
Mitchell Lake in the morning light.
Lil Mountain Ash talus hopping to gain Audubon’s Southeast Ridge
image High on Audubon’s Southeast Ridge
imageCold chillin’, Gorgeous day. Too bad we forgot to bring anything to eat.
imageThe bench at 12,600 just above Audubon’s SE Ridge. Ash: “If i were a marmot, this is where I’d want to live.”
imageMarmot Mecca, Audubon.
 Strangely succulent on Audubon’s southeast haunch.

Ascending Paiute’s East Ridge.

imageFinal few steps to the summit of Paiute.
imageEscape from Paiute. We were starving.
imageReturn journey by way of Blue Lake.